TVN Onsen 9

The Vale Niseko Onsen

The Vale Niseko Onsen & Pool features an in-house, authentic Japanese onsen with an outdoor heated swimming pool. Onsens are a uniquely Japanese past time and are a great way to soak your tired ski muscles in mineral rich water.

The onsen in The Vale Niseko is a Natrium based Calcium and Magnesium enriched bath. The benefits of soaking in the onsen at The Vale Niseko far exceed just a relaxing experience, the following conditions are alleviated through a soak in the natural Natrium laced waters: neuralgic pain, muscle ache, joint ache, health enhancement, skin conditions, increasing body temperature to healthy levels, burnt skin, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, remove bruising, relief of pain caused by fracture injury, relief of chronic digestive symptom, healing of cuts and abrasions.


  • Onsen & Pool¥1,300
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