Hanazono Powder Guides & Niseko Weiss Powder Cats

Resort operated Backcountry Guiding & CAT Tours

Experienced guides take you to the best spots of the day!
HPG provides "First Tracks" - Ride the slopes of Hanazono before the public.
Weiss Powder Cats provides an unforgettable experience to 12 lucky guests a day on your very own mountain.


HPG Private 1/2 Day Tour (4.5hrs) ¥62,000 Max 4P

HPG Private Full Day Tour (6hrs) ¥68,000 Max 4P

HPG POWDER "3 DAYZ" ¥192,000 Max 4P

Weiss CAT Private Tour ※Include safety equipment, transportation, snacks at mountain and lunch at Somoza ¥480,000 Max 12P



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